140930 — SM Entertainment, you messed up BIGTIME!

Jessica’s just brave enough to speak her side. You’re in a mess right now, I bet. Good luck on your stocks.

PS. SM Ent, if you want to be respected, respect your artists as well.

cto. for the photo.

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Leaving or not, victim or not, you have a special place in my heart. No matter what anyone says, I will stick by your side and support whatever you choose to do as a career choice. You are in so much pain right now and I want you to recover from this and come back strong. Love you always Jessica Jung ♡

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I’m Him ; Mino’s lyrics x video imagery.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Some Like It Hot (1959)

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film meme» nine male characters [6/9]: Jerry/ Daphne

"We wouldn’t be caught dead with men. Rough, hairy beasts. Eight hands. And they … they all just want one thing from a girl."

[…] As for his own performance, Lemmon totally threw himself into it, spending hours with makeup technician Harry Ray to get the right look, taking tango lessons (from co-star George Raft), frustrating the professional female impersonator brought in to teach him and Curtis how to act like women (Lemmon felt that too much regal perfection would be wrong for the character and dangerously unfunny). As filming progressed, Wilder became more and more impressed with the young actor. “His unabashed forwardness was making that preposterous situation work, elevating, removing the taint of transvestism,” the director remarked. Wilder said he and Diamond decided right there to work with Lemmon again and began planning for the trio’s next venture, The Apartment (1960). The feeling was mutual. Lemmon praised Wilder for coming up with an ingenious bit of business for the scene where Jerry/Daphne tells Joe/Josephine he has become engaged to a millionaire. To allow for the long laughs they knew would follow each of Lemmon’s outrageous remarks, Wilder handed the actor a pair of maracas and had him dance around and shake them after every line. [x]

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 asked: Jack Lemmon

→ Favorite film: Some Like It Hot (1958)

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Some Like it Hot (1959)

Can you prove me without words that you know exactly what is a french kiss? x